website facebook prohibits users to share youtube links

Website Facebook Prohibits Users To Share Youtube Links | Facebook seems to want to compete with YouTube. Not only provide social networking services, Facebook is nowinterested in video platform provider.
Reported by Ubergizmo, Monday (27/7/2015), when the previous Facebook let users share video link to YouTube, the company is now led by Mark Zuckerberg that giving notice to the user.
Facebook directly encouraging users to upload videos directly into their platform. Thus, Facebook users can keep track ofhow many other users are watching videos that are uploaded by users.


The social networking giant that also claims, many users prefer when videos directly uploaded to Facebook, not uploaded to YouTube. Nevertheless, the choice remains in the hands of the users, whether you want to upload a video to YouTube or Facebook.


The information circulated previously revealed, Facebook predicted could threaten YouTube when they managed toestablish a partnership with the biggest record label company. If so, YouTube could lose a number of people from the most popular content segments.


Earlier this year, Facebook announced that they provide video upload feature ' embed ' to other Web sites. The company also saw the development of video content for the technology of augmented reality.
The data also reveal that significant growing video streaming on mobile platforms. Approximately 65 percent of videothrough its Facebook comes from mobile devices, while 50 percent of the number of people who watch the YouTubevideos on mobile platforms.

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