good news you can free download windows 10 via this link

Good news, you can free download windows 10 via this link

Free Download Windows 10 Link

 10 final version finally started officially available. After the beta period is on for nine months, the latest Microsoftoperating systems are downloadable Windows users in Indonesia began this afternoon, Wednesday (29/7/2015).
Download Windows 10 Free
According to its promise, a laptop or PC using Windows 7 or Windows OS 8.5 can download and install this Windows 10 for free.
To use Windows 10, users need to download the installation files of Windows 10 via the link here. In the link, the user isprompted to download the initial files installation Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit.
The magnitude of the file is not too big, just about 19 MB only. Once installed, the system will automatically download the file Windows 10. Instead, reserving about 3 storage media up to 4 GB for file downloads Windows 10.
There are two options Windows installation 10. First, direct upgrade Windows to Windows 10. When tested, the first optionis not yet functioning. Starts button 
The second option, namely to make the installation package to a USB pendrive or make an ISO file. The second optionallows the download can be used to install Windows in another computer.
the screenshots look for new Windows logo in the notification area, exactly the right corner of boils.
Alternatively, users can get Windows 10 applications Get through Windows 10. All computer systems are eligible, theapplication will usually get along with Windows update some time ago.
However, the radar KompasTekno, not all devices can download the installation files using the method above. Users should be lining up because Microsoft had to deploy the files to millions of devices around the world.
Applications Get Windows 10 could be seen in the bottom right corner of the taskbar, right in a row of such notification.Through this application, users can sign up to get the installation file. Later, the application will provide notification, if Windows 10 is ready for download.
Users can also check whether a computer is being used or is not compatible with Windows.
If you already use Windows 10? Let's share the experience of using the OS via the comments field at the bottom.

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