facts about the windows start button from the windows 95 up to windows 10

Facts about the windows start button from the windows 95 up to Windows 10

#The Start button of windows "Chicago"


The Start menu button and its inaugural debut not on Windows 95, but experimental OS coded name "Chicago", the forerunner of the operating system.

In Chicago, the Start menu still looks primitive and consisted of three different buttons. The "Startbutton that is labeled with a logo window Windows function handles window and application management. The second key question markbersimbol is a launcher application. Sementaram the third button labeled "eyesruns the function help and search.
The functions of these three buttons are different finally merged into the Start menu so that it is more practical andintegrated.
#2 The Windows 95 Start button

On this operating system, public computer users for the first time get acquainted with button and Start menu. Windows 95creates the Foundation of the modern Windows interface which we know today.
The initial version of the Start menu in Windows 95 is quite simple. Its main function is as a Windows application launcher(from the "program). There is also access to a number of things such as computer settings, file search, and recently openedfiles.
#3 Windows NT 4.0 start button

Windows NT is the corporate version of the operating system Windows NT kernel-based and generally more stable. OnWindwos NT version 4.0 which was released in 1996, Microsoft participated and won the Start menu from the brother,Windows 95.
Display button and Start menu in Windows NT is almost exactly the same as Windows 95. It's just that, in Windows NT,applications in the "programs" are split into two groups, namelythe application is installed for all users of the computer,and the application that is available only to the owner of the account is active.
#4 Windows 98 Start button
Integration of the Internet Explorer 4 Windows Desktop Update on Windows 98 undertook to present a number ofadditional features on the Start menu of the operating system in question.
Users of Windows 98 when it was, for examplecan find the folder "Favorites" which contains links to the pages of the internet, Windows Update options are also entrenched in the top of the Start menu.
In Windows 98, the Start button get the "friends" in the form of Quick Launch bar that is located right next to it and load theicon shortcut the client applications, including Outlook, Internet Explorerand some other functions
#6 The Start button Windows 98 Second Edition (SE)
Windows 98 SE was released in 1999 did not bring many changes to the button and Start menu. In these operating systems, users can do a right click on the

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