10 most best programming languages 2015 version ieee spectrum

10 Most Best Programming Languages 2015 version IEEE Spectrum

What are the current top programming language? The best answer is to depend on our own. If we want to try to find a job with programming skills who qualified for special startup mobile applications, or make electronic projects such as the IoTprogramming language then becomes a tool. And being a thing that we have to have. At this time the ratings of programming languages based on the version of IEEE Spectrum will be reviewed.
IEEE Spectrum ratings system based on combination weighting and 12 metric of 10 data sources. This source comes fromlibrary IEEE Xplore, Github and CareerBuilder. It is a good measurement because the 48 different programming languagescreated dimension ranking. IEEE Spectrum ratings actually also selected based on the weighting of a member of the IEEEitself so that no additional votes for each programming language. Here's the top 10 programming languages version ofIEEE Spectrum and the comparison with the year 2015 2014.
Big five still held by Java, C, C++Python and C #. Their rank entirely undisturbed by other competitors. A prominentchange was the inclusion of the R programming language at 6, this be a sign that statistics be selection of analyse andmemvisualisasi Big Data. In the R programming language just yesterday was ranked 9th. A significant improvement for the R programming language which became a sign of Big Data trends this year. Other programming languages like Perl andGo, Assembly was away on this ranking.
A number of the language has entered the rankings for the first time as Swift. Swift is a new programming language thatApple has acquired enough appeal to make a strong appearance despite newly released about 13 months ago.
That's the top 10 programming languages based on the IEEE Spectrum version 2015. May be a consideration in determining a suitable programming language with industry

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